We are IFJ, your reliable partner in employment

We are IFJ, your reliable partner in employment

About IFJ


We take all the work off your hands and provide reliable employees who come to relieve you at the right time.


IFJ connects employees and employers. Our specialty is offering flex workers, especially in the flower and plant sector and also the agricultural sector. But you have also come to the right place for finding good, motivated and reliable personnel in logistics, technology, construction and for an administrative position.


IFJ takes all the work off your hands, for both short-term and long-term assignments. When you have mapped out the wishes together with the account manager, the account manager gets to work. The right employees are selected and screened in the ways our certificates require. When the employees have been selected and their accommodation and transport have been arranged, the employees start their first day. Your account manager can be reached if you have any questions or comments. The account manager would like to hear about your experiences with the employees or help you flexibly adjust the number of employees who can help you.


Are you looking for flexible workers in the colorful Bollenstreek region? At IFJ Bollenstreek, we understand that temporary workers play a crucial role in meeting the labor needs of companies in this sector. Our mission is to make the perfect match to support both employers and employees in their demand.
If we have piqued your interest, contact one of our account managers soon so we can discuss your staffing needs over a cup of coffee.


  • Certified
  • Flexible
  • Switch quickly

History and culture


Over the past 15 years of our existence, we have grown into a true specialist in the field of international job placement.


Central to IFJ is the well-being of our temporary workers. Satisfied flex workers deliver the best work performance, and therefore the best result for you! In order to keep the satisfaction of both you and our temporary workers high, we take all the work off the hands of both parties.

Our team

Meet our team. These people are there for you every day!


These certifications provide transparency and assurance that we meet all our obligations, ranging from identity verification, checking whether someone has a work permit, but also paying the correct taxes on time.